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New downtown plaza in Logan breaks ground

Groundbreaking ceremony in Logan
Katherine Flores
Groundbreaking ceremony in downtown Logan

Logan City Mayor Holly Daines, alongside fellow donors and representatives of the Logan City Council, celebrated the upcoming Downtown Center Block Plaza at the groundbreaking ceremony Thursday. This is one of her many projects that will further the development of the city and create a place where residents and visitors can come together and enjoy the space. Daines said she modeled the projects off of a checklist that destination developer Roger Brooks created with twenty things that make for an outstanding downtown.

“And we have been working on those 20 things since I took over as mayor. And we have checked off a lot of those and it really, it really will revitalize our downtown and bring people downtown,” said Daines.

This new Plaza will include a winter ice-skating rink as well as a splash pad for the hot summer months, which feature water efficient jets that will create intricate designs.

“So it will go down into the sanitary sewer, go to the water treatment plant. And it will be then treated and released out into you know, eventually to the wetlands to Kotler reservoir on down to Bear Lake. So, again, it is not a consumptive use, it'll be used in several cycles on on down the street,” said Daines.

Crepery owner Preston Parker said the construction of the Block plaza is of great interest for local business owners as it will create a good vibe that will attract many people to the block.

“And if there's a good vibe downtown, then people are excited to come here and share in events and share with social activities amongst themselves and that's exciting for us. Thank you so much,” said Parker.

Construction is now underway and is expected to be completed at the end of this year or early 2023. Daines said there might be some drawback as the supply chain is slow to meet the demands of businesses.