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Utah Department of Public Safety reminds drivers to be cautious of black ice

A snowy road with cars driving

With more winter weather on the way, the Utah Department of Public Safety issued a reminder about the dangers of black ice and driving safely in winter conditions. Black ice is notorious for being extremely slippery and transparent, making it harder to notice for drivers. It’s also a bigger issue at night and in the morning and is more likely to form on or under bridges and overpasses.

The Department of Public Safety encourages drivers to slow down so they have more time to notice wet or icy patches on the road and to watch out for where other cars seem to be sliding. According to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s Safety Office, drivers who hit black ice should remove their foot from the gas, lightly tap the brake pedal and turn the wheel in the direction of the skid. They also warn drivers that there’s no four-wheel advantage when driving over black ice, so even truck drivers should be careful not to become overconfident.

Duck is a general reporter and weekend announcer at UPR, and is studying broadcast journalism and disability studies at USU. They grew up in northern Colorado before moving to Logan in 2018, so the Rocky Mountain life is all they know. Free time is generally spent with their dog, Monty, listening to podcasts, reading or wishing they could be outside more.