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Weber county resident is given the first "Duck Defender" award for saving waterfowl

Left: a selfie of a white woman  holding a black and white dog up to the camera. Right: a bejeweled award shaped to look like a rubber duck with a plaque reading "Adison Smith Duck Defender Of The Year 2022 Presented By Humane Long Island"
Duck Defenders

The international title of “Duck Defender” was awarded for the first time to Weber County resident Adison Smith for significant progress in waterfowl advocacy and rescue in North America. Smith is the president and co-founder of Wasatch Wanderers Animal Rescue, which has saved over 400 waterfowl and adopted out over 200 ducks and geese while advocating for preventative measures against domesticated ducks and geese being abandoned.

Domesticated waterfowl, through years of selective breeding for egg and meat production, tend to have small wings, larger bodies, and a lack of camouflage, which makes them struggle to survive if sent back to the wild. The “Duck Defender” title is the highest award offered by Duck Defenders, an international project from the animal welfare charity Humane Long Island.

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