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Man arrested months after body found in trunk of car

Fox 13 News

Nearly three months after a body was found inside a car that was set on fire, South Jordan Police have arrested a suspect connected to the incident.

30-year-old Dillon Edward Noble was taken into custody on Monday charged with aggravated kidnapping, murder, aggravated assault, and obstruction of justice.

Gino Montoya’s body was discovered inside of a burning car on November 24 and through an extensive investigation done by agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency, the drug case connected Montoya’s murder back to Noble. In the case, a tracker was placed on a Jaguar belonging to Denis Madsen that was following Montoya’s vehicle and through a video recorded on Nov. 24, an altercation was caught on camera between Denis Madsen and Caile Noble, Dillon’s father.

Madsen, Caile Noble, and a third person were detained with another witness saying that Montoya was assaulted by Dillon and later loaded into the trunk of a car by both Dillon and Caile.

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