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Suspect of Sandy apartment fire identified and arrested

The word "Police" written in blue writing on the site of a white vehicle.
The Herald Journal

The suspect behind a recent apartment complex fire in Sandy has been arrested on an arson charge.

38-year-old Crystal Moss was arrested with one count of arson, resulting in damages that exceeded $5,000. Court documents reported that Moss approached police officers during an ongoing investigation and admitted that she was responsible for the fire that displaced multiple residents.

In an interview with officials, Moss explained that she used a lighter to “ignite a tree of life” near her bedroom door that sparked the fire. Moss also said that she poured a bottle of alcohol on the fire to speed up the process.

According to Moss, she wanted to “burn away the negative energy, sadness, and pain in her life” and that she didn’t want to hurt anyone, but claimed that she wanted to “burn the universe.”

Arresting documents report that Moss took her dog and left the complex without warning neighbors of the fire, but she tried to alert the nearby fire department. Moss is currently being held in the Salt Lake County jail without bail.

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