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Thursday P.M. headlines: $2 billion dollars for new railway and a 60,000 piece puzzle

photo of students with their completed puzzle
Herald Journal

Seven County Infrastructure Coalition to issue $2 billion in bonds to support oil railroad

Several of Utah’s counties are lined up to issue $2 billion in tax-exempt bonds to finance the construction of an 85-mile-long railroad out of the Uinta Basin.

The Seven County Infrastructure Coalition intends to issue instruments called “private activity conduit bonds,” according to a public notice dated last month. These bonds would serve as a loan to Drexel Hamilton Infrastructure Partners L-P, the partner of the coalition that would own the Uinta Basin Railway.

Previous estimates of the project’s cost ranged from $1.2 billion to $1.5 billion dollars, Those costs have now doubled to more than $2.9 billion.

The railroad will primarily be used for the moving of oil tank cars.

Middle school students completed a 60-thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle.

More than 600 students from Richmond's North Cache Middle School completed a 60,000-piece jigsaw puzzle created by artist Eric Dowdle, chief executive officer of Dowdle Puzzles. The effort was led by Marla Trowbridge, a science teacher at the school.

The students started the puzzle on Jan. 6, taking them a month to complete it. Trowbridge said that no class time was devoted to doing the puzzle but when students were finished with class assignments they had the opportunity to work on it.

In order to complete the puzzle, the project was broken into 60 1000-piece sections. After each section was completed, Trowbridge would glue the individual sections together. The picture the puzzle formed was that of a giant world map. Trowbridge said that 14 pieces turned up missing but that students made replacement pieces.

Dowdle was present to cheer the students as they completed the massive undertaking.

Caitlin Keith is a general news reporter at UPR. She is from Lindon, Utah and is currently an undergrad student studying print journalism at USU. Caitlin loves to write and tell people’s stories. She is also a writer at the Utah Statesman. She loves to read, ski, play the cello and watch various TV shows.