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Wednesday AM headlines: Tooele inland port faces backlash, SLC announces 'pothole palooza'

Rendering showing an aerial view of an inland port in a rural area.
BZI Steel
Salt Lake Tribune
Rending of the potential layout of a future inland port north of Cedar City.

Tooele inland port facing major backlash from residents

A proposed inland port in Tooele County is facing major backlash from locals. Residents claim the port, which would use an area of unincorporated land in the county, would bring more noise, traffic and pollution and up the cost of living.

Project officials, on the other hand, say it supports the county’s economic vision of recruiting new companies and retaining and expanding existing ones, which could help create new jobs.

The resolution was discussed at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting in Tooele. The vast majority of community members who attended the meeting opposed the plan.

The City Council voted to move forward with a resolution authorizing the Utah Inland Port Authority to look into the project. They’re set to discuss further steps in June 2023.

SLC's week-long 'Pothole Palooza' seeks to fix thousands of potholes

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall announced “Pothole Palooza” on Tuesday, a weeklong effort to repair thousands of potholes around the city and improve road conditions after the record-breaking winter season.

Community members are asked to help in this palooza by locating and reporting potholes they see. More than 70 Streets Division employees will be working all week to respond to every report, with more than 1,300 potholes filled on Monday alone.

The crews can’t repair potholes on state-owned roads like Foothill Drive. Residents can report potholes here or by calling 801-535-2345.

Navajo Nation is receiving federal funding for disaster relief

The Navajo Nation is receiving federal emergency aid to help with severe flooding damage caused during storms earlier this year. President Biden granted the disaster declaration on Tuesday for the nation’s largest Native reservation, which extends across Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.

The funds will go towards emergency repairs as well as other mitigation efforts. Recovery operations will be coordinated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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