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Monday PM headlines: Utah has $1.7 million of school lunch debt, mudslide evacuation

Severla people stand on a hillside, analyzing where a mudslide has happened.
Mountain Green Fire Protection District
A mudslide in Mountain Green required the evacuation of two homes Sunday.

Utah students have over $1.7 million of school lunch debt

Utah’s schools currently have over $1.7 million in school lunch debt. FOX13 News submitted public records requests to all 41 school districts in the state about their unpaid meal fees and found that the 35 who responded totaled $1,756,000 of debt.

Granite School District had the highest unpaid fees with $397,406.08, and Davis, Tooele, Canyons and Alpine all surpassed $100,000. San Juan and Ogden were the only districts with no student lunch debt; Ogden notably is using district funds to cover school meals for all their students for the rest of the 2022-2023 school year.

Students who can’t pay aren’t denied meals, but the debt will follow them through their school careers and may stop them from receiving their diploma if they can’t pay that outstanding debt.

This data follows the end of a pandemic-era federal program that covered the cost of school meals for all students.

Mudslide forces the evacuation of two Morgan County homes

Two homes in Morgan County had to be evacuated Sunday after a mudslide.

Firefighters in Mountain Green were first called in for a partial slide on the hillside that had been creeping along since Friday. Despite efforts to dig drainage trenches and relieve water buildup, the hillside slid 20 feet further into the rear of a house.

After assessment, crews determined both that house and one next door were unsafe to remain in. Most of the belongings were removed between the residents and firefighters, who also dealt with gas lines before vacating the premises.

The U.S. Geological Survey and a Morgan County engineer are expected to assess the situation Monday. They have to clear it before residents can return to their homes.

Salt Lake City’s 20th annual marathon brings road closures

Salt Lake City is celebrating 20 years of its annual marathon Saturday, April 22. There will be eight events, including a full and half marathon, a 10k and a bike tour.

The marathon will span much of the city, from north of the University of Utah campus to 4500 South in Holladay, which means there will be both partial and full road closures throughout the day.

Most of the closures will start at 6 a.m. and open up early afternoon, with longer closures around the finish line, which will be fully closed off from midnight to 6 p.m. You can find a map of the closures here. Officers from the Salt Lake City Police Department will give detour directions in addition to posted signs.

Those interested in participating in the race will need to register online or in-person by Friday, as there will be no race-day registration.

Duck is a general reporter and weekend announcer at UPR, and is studying broadcast journalism and disability studies at USU. They grew up in northern Colorado before moving to Logan in 2018, so the Rocky Mountain life is all they know. Free time is generally spent with their dog, Monty, listening to podcasts, reading or wishing they could be outside more.