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Logan Regional Hospital showcases robotic assisted surgery machine

 A robotic machine used in robotic assisted surgery, in an operating room, medical worker stands to the right
Intermountain Health

Intermountain Logan Regional Hospital recently acquired a new robotic assisted surgery machine and is inviting the public for a sneak peek at the equipment June 12 and 13.

Traditional surgeries often require doctors to make large, damaging incisions on patients’ bodies. These "open surgeries" frequently involve long recovery times as patients heal from the physical trauma caused by these procedures.

Robotic assisted surgery on the other hand, is much less invasive and is easier to recover from. Robotic assisted surgery requires just a small incision where surgeons complete operations inside the body using delicate robotic-assisted surgical devices.

Dr. Greg Marshall is a general surgeon and medical director of surgical operations at Logan Regional Hospital, and explained the benefits of using robotic assisted machinery in surgery.

“We've taken a lot of these complex surgeries where patients would have had to do an open, they would have been in the hospital for three to four days, a lot of pain, and do these changes, to the point where now it's an outpatient surgery, and patients are going home much sooner," Dr. Marshall said.

The first machine was acquired by Intermountain Logan Regional Hospital in early 2016 and has become an important tool in numerous surgeries, including abdominal wall surgeries, colon cancer, and hysterectomies. Earlier this year the hospital acquired a second robotic surgery machine in order to better provide for the growing community.

The hospital is hosting an open house event early next week where the public will be able to interact with the new machine and ask questions of resident surgeons.

“We would just like to invite everybody to come and see what we have to offer. We have a really robust program here. And I think we can help a lot of people, not only in Cache Valley, but in the surrounding communities, southeast Idaho, and even down into the Ogden area and Davis County areas,” said Dr. Marshall.

Next week’s open house event will be Monday, June 12 and Tuesday, June 13 from 9:00am to 4:00pm in the Budge Clinic Lobby.

For more information on robotic assisted surgery visit and here for more information on the event.

Erin Lewis is a science reporter at Utah Public Radio and a PhD Candidate in the biology department at Utah State University. She is passionate about fostering curiosity and communicating science to the public. At USU she studies how anthropogenic disturbances are impacting wildlife, particularly the effects of tourism-induced dietary shifts in endangered Bahamian Rock Iguana populations. In her free time she enjoys reading, painting and getting outside with her dog, Hazel.