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Fire-themed summer camp for children taking place in July

A campfire in a ring of stones.

The Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, USU’s Museum of Anthropology and the Stokes Nature Center are hosting an “Around the Campfire” summer camp for children ages 6-12 years old.

This year’s theme of fire reflects the art pieces that currently reside in the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art’s new exhibition “Facing Fire,” which opened July 8.

Chiara Sorensen, educator at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, said it was curated by Douglas Macola UCR Arts in California. That's the California Museum of Photography.

“And it's a really interesting exhibition that deals with exactly what the name implies. Art and wildfire in the West. So, we have anything from photographs of wildfires that were used in the news, or we have artists whose content deals with fire, some airbrush artists, and ceramics,” Sorensen said.

This summer camp will give the children the opportunity to explore and become aware of how people in the West use fire in art.

“We wanted to look at a way that we could really teach and educate about just different ways cultures use fire, whether it's in a constructive way, building, using it to make things using it, to cook food, things like that," Sorensen said, "or whether we're looking at it in the sense of it's a wildfire that's potentially destructive is harming the landscape and homes. We kind of took this approach of what are the ways that our three disciplines — nature, anthropology and art — have us look at fire and think about fire."

Activities at this summer camp will include a lot of clay, such as clay beads and clay monsters. Cyanotypes, which harness the sun's heat to create a photograph will also be available. There will also be projects that will develop the children’s skills through team-building and decision-making exercises.

“Around the Campfire” summer camp goes from Monday, July 10 to Friday, July 14, and Monday, July 31 to Thursday, Aug. 3.

Hannah Castro is a junior at Utah State University studying Journalism and Public relations. Her parents were born and raised in Ecuador and migrated to the States before she was born. Hannah loves all things music and usually has a concert lined up. She enjoys being active, and recently ran her first half marathon in Salt Lake City. Hannah enjoys writing and can’t wait to further her skills at Utah Public Radio.