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Ice skating rink opens in downtown Logan

Green Christmas tree surrounded by ice skating rink with brown building in the background
Savannah Burnard
Carol and Jim Laub Plaza in Downtown Logan

The rink opens Saturday, November 25, as part of Logan's plan to revitalize the area.

The ice skating rink located at the newly built Carol and Jim Laub Plaza in downtown Logan, will open to the public this Saturday, Nov. 25 at noon. Nathan Swartz, a programs coordinator for Logan City, said there will be various performances, a tree lighting ceremony, and later in the evening, a visit from Santa.

Officially opened in September, Swartz said the plaza was built in order to revitalize downtown and improve the quality of life.

“You always want to better the life of your patrons in the city. You want to offer things that they can come to do, make them healthier, make their life better and give them something fun to do," Swartz said. "That's kind of where the idea of this came through, just to revitalize downtown and to give something to the patrons of Logan that they haven't had."

Swartz said the rink capacity will be capped at 60 skaters but will be adjusted as needed.

“With the space we have, it’s not as big as we’d want it, obviously. We want as many people on the ice as we can get, but that is a huge concern for us because there are a lot of people in Logan," Swartz said.

Swartz said to combat this, the city is implementing a system where the public will be required to reserve a 90 minute skate session either online on the city’s website or at the plaza window.

He said throughout the winter, there will be events and performances at the plaza for people to enjoy while they skate as well as a fire pit to stay warm. The plaza will be open until the end of winter, and then will transition into a splash pad. For more information on the plaza, visit

A Cache Valley native, Savannah is a junior at USU studying journalism with a minor in English. She loves getting to know new people and learn interesting things about them. She also loves experiencing different cultures.