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Thursday PM headlines: Red flag fire warnings issued in southern Utah

Photo of mountains with a visible wildfire across a large portion of it, smoke filling up the sky.
Malachi Brooks

Red flag fire warnings issued in southern Utah

The National Weather Service issued the first red flag warning of the season in Utah on Thursday.

Red flag warnings mean an area has above-average heat, very low relative humidity, and high winds, which means wildfires can spread rapidly.

The multi-county warning affects the majority of Kane County through Thursday evening.

For residents in the area, the National Weather Service recommends not throwing cigarettes or matches out of a moving vehicle, extinguishing outdoor fires properly and thoroughly, and never leaving a fire unattended.

For more wildfire safety and information, visit the National Weather Service’s site.

Garage with gunpowder, ammunition catches fire in Sandy

A detached garage containing raw gunpowder and large amounts of ammunition caught fire in Sandy on Thursday.

Firefighters had to stay out of the structure and behind cover because of the exploding ammunition and gunpowder, making dousing the fire more difficult. The location of the garage, behind a home and in a corner of the property, also complicated efforts.

No firefighters were injured in the process, and the home and residents were all unharmed. The garage, however, was destroyed, with an estimated $300,000 in damages.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown and under investigation.

Kamala Harris to visit Utah this month

Vice President Kamala Harris will be in Utah this month to campaign and fundraise.

Her last visit to the beehive state was in 2020, when she debated former Vice President Mike Pence at the University of Utah.

The Biden-Harris campaign confirmed that Harris will be back in Utah on June 28. More details on the location for the fundraiser and whether it’s a public or private event have not been shared.

Harris’ stop in Utah is a chance to improve voter impressions of her and the campaign, which are currently low according to a poll by Politico.

Want free Wendy’s for a year? Get in line in South Jordan this weekend

Early visitors to a new South Jordan Wendy’s this weekend could get free food for a year.

On Saturday, June 15, the first 100 people in line to buy something at Wendy’s, located at 11782 South Trail Crossing Drive in South Jordan, will get one free sandwich, salad, or breakfast item per week for a year. The event is a grand opening celebration for the location, which officially opened its doors on May 16.

To be eligible, customers must be 16 or older and be present in line when the store opens at 10:30 a.m. Only one “first 100 card” is allowed per customer, and the cards are only valid at the Wendy's located at 5567 W. Shady Stone Drive in South Jordan.

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