Police Can't Confirm Medical Issue Led To Starbucks Crash

Jun 12, 2018

Police are continuing to investigate whether a Utah driver's medical issue was responsible for sending a pickup truck careening into a Starbucks patio last week.

Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera can't confirm investigators' initial hypothesis about a medical episode such as a seizure until she reviews a toxicology report that is still being compiled.

One woman was killed and three others were injured when the pickup truck went off a road, over a curb and onto the Starbucks patio in suburban Salt Lake City on Friday.

The driver has been identified as 34-year-old West Walker.

Rivera says he not yet provided a statement to police. Authorities have said there's a chance

1 dead after man drives into patio area of the Millcreek, Utah Starbucks.
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   he may face charges.

Walker's two small children were inside the truck during the crash and sustained minor injuries.