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Utah State University Business School Opens $50 Million Building

Photo: Mikey Kettinger

It’s becoming common for universities around the United States to invest in architectural aesthetics as a recruitment tool for attracting students. The latest example in Utah involves an addition to the skyline of USU.

Credit photo: Mikey Kettinger

Utah State University’s Huntsman School of Business is finishing up a new $50 million building in Logan.  The building features a lot of large walls of windows that provide visitors with a view across Cache Valley’s buildings and mountains, as well as allowing an abundance of natural light inside of the space.

The 117,000 square foot hall curves to mimic the path of the road beside it, creating a courtyard where students can post up during mild weather.

Steve Wilcox, who is a business student at Utah State, believes the new building represents a promising future for the university as a whole.

Credit photo: Mikey Kettinger

“Huntsman Hall is beautiful … I think every student needs to … walk through the halls … To me it stands as a building that’s beautiful and that also means that we have a beautiful future coming,” said Wilcox.

Mr. Wilcox was very vocal about his enthusiasm for Mr. Huntsman, the new building’s main donor.

“… I honestly don’t think we could have found a better benefactor…,” said Wilcox.

Steve Wilcox is studying international business and marketing, and hopes to work with Nike Corporation after graduation. Huntsman Hall is now open.  

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