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Four Tips For Preparing Your Garden For Winter


November is quite a quiet month in the vegetable garden.  If the weather is still good, I’d recommend you go out and finish your garden cleanup.  Pull up the stakes, remove the garden cages, pick up any dead residue, work up the soil as best you can, try and get that thing cleaned up for next year. 

Second, collect a soil sample if you haven’t already done that.  Submit it for analysis to the soil testing lab and then use that information to make your decisions about fertility needs for next year. 

Third, work the soil if it’s not too wet. You probably want to think about some early planting so when you are thinking about getting those onions in or early lettuce or spinach, you need to have the site worked this fall so that it’s ready to go next spring.

Finally, the last thing to do is to sit down in a fine chair and start organizing your seed needs for next year.  Evaluate your existing seed stocks, note any new needs, and then create that wish list.  Christmas is coming…so get some garden seeds as well!  See you next month!

This is Dan Drost, Utah State University Extension vegetable specialist.