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Toxic Algae Bloom Detected In Utah Lake Near Provo

Utah Lake experiences toxic algae bloom.
Utah Lake

For a third straight year, Utah officials are warning residents that a toxic algae bloom has made parts of Utah Lake near Provo unsafe for recreation. 

State and county agencies said Tuesday that recent tests on water samples showed high levels of toxin-producing cyanobacteria in the waters of Provo Bay. Other parts of the lake are not affected by the algal bloom and considered safe for recreation.

Blue-green algae occur naturally in many freshwater systems and can proliferate rapidly under the right conditions of warm weather, plentiful sunshine and still, nutrient-rich water. They can be fed by runoff from farms, lawns and industrial facilities.

Large quantities can be dangerous to people, animals and fish.

Humans exposed to the bacteria can exhibit headaches, fever, pains and nausea.