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April Showers Bring Garden Goodness

leafy green lettuce

Hi, this is Dan Drost, Extension Vegetable Specialist at Utah State University. Even though the spring has been wet, my leafy vegetable garden is up and growing nicely. I got it planted about the middle of March and the radishes and lettuce and spinach are all coming up quite nicely. I made sure that I covered it with a row cover to keep it warm during the night and increase those day temperatures and that's helped a lot.

My transplants are also coming along nicely. Brassicas have been thin and should be ready for planting by late April. There's still time to seed onions, but don't do it. After the 15th of April here in northern Utah, yields usually go down after that time when we try to grow them from seed. By the middle of April, it's warm enough to put your transplant onions out so still wait a little while with that, and make sure that we get started with our pepper and tomato transplants. Some of you may have already started doing that. It's a little too early to put them out undercover in things like walls or water or similar types of equipment. Later in April is a good time to start planting those if you're in the warmer regions of Utah, but wait until late in the month to get your earliest tomatoes and peppers in.

So, those April showers will soon bring a nice vegetable garden to play. For more details on this you can visit your local county extension office or go on the web and find details on vegetable gardening here in Utah. Thanks so much.