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USU Extension Offers Pest Advisories


Today's topic is on the USU Extension pest advisories. USU Extension experts produce four pest advisories to serve the needs of Utah citizens. Which pests are included in these advisories? Insects, mites, plant pathogens, and bird pests such as voles.

Pest advisories are timely frequent newsletters presented in a blog style that inform readers of current activity of pests and management timing and options. What types of advisories are available? 

The first is a fruit advisory. This includes tree fruit and berry pests. For example, the April 27th newsletter included information on managing fire blight, coryneum blight, and coddling moth and fruit trees.

The second advisory is for vegetables. For example, the April 16th advisory included information on cut worms, springtails, and aphids. Nick Valesky, the vegetable IPM assistant also provides a very informative podcast.

Thirdly, we have an advisory for landscape ornamentals. For example, the March 17th advisory gave very detailed information about use of dormant oil sprays to kill pests that overwinter on shade trees and shrubs.

The last advisory is the one for turf grass. This provides timely information on fertilizer application and weed and insect management guidelines for each season of the year.

Where can you find these advisories? On the Utah pest web page. On the web page you'll find a link for IPM pest advisories. All of this information is provided to you by USU extension.

Have a happy growing season.