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USDA Farm Service Agency Provides Flood Relief Funds For Farmers


Extreme precipitation this winter followed by extremely warm temperatures in February and March resulted in extensive flood damage to farmland throughout Cache County, Utah. 

Bruce Lundquist, executive director of the US Department of Agriculture Farm Service is reaching out to farmers who have experienced flooding.

Near Lewiston, Utah, gullies of flood water scoured one landowner’s property with a 20 to 30 foot deep gorge, at least a half a mile long. The USDA Emergency Conservation Program can help farmers with as much as 75% of the cost of repairs to water diversion structures. Farmers have also lost livestock, specifically calves.

“There is a lot of bottom ground throughout the county that the new baby calves can’t get off the pasture, there is just standing water and they can’t get out of the water.  It’s hard on them. We’ve probably lost more calves through the wet weather and the flooding than the winter storm.” said Lundquist.

The farm service also can help farmers with the cost of calves lost to flooding through the Livestock Indemnity Program, and reimburse the cost of damaged hay and other feed through the Emergency Livestock Assistance Program.

“You know if they have any questions or concerns, or wonder do they qualify,  or what we have, just call us – call me.”

Mr. Lundquist encourages farmers to contact his office soon since the application period for structural reimbursements ends May 31st. Bruce Lundquist can be contacted at the Cache Valley Farm Service Agency website or called at  (435) 753-5480 ext 105.