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More Bike Shares Coming To Logan, St. George

Shanie Howard
Logan city is working with Aggie Blue Bikes to create a bike share program in Logan.

Members of a Logan committee working to bring a bike share to the city hope to complete their project by Earth Day 2018. Bike shares allow residents to pay a small fee to rent a bicycle, which they can pick up and drop off at any of the bike sharing stations in the city.

“They are free range bicycles you can find using an app on your phone,” said Meg Mccarthy, manager at Aggie Blue Bikes. “They have GPS technology on them and there is a locking mechanism on the actual bike so you just pull it back and it locks the rear wheel in place and it just unlocks with your smart phone and if you don’t have a smart phone you can just get a text message.”

Mccarthy and Utah State Sustainability Coordinator Alexi Lamm say they have been working with the city to make Logan a more bike-friendly place. Lamm said the biggest challenge has been finding enough space to fit everyone on the same road.

“People love on-street parking so keeping on-street parking and having enough space for bike lanes or bike infrastructure is a challenge,” Lamm said.

St. George is also planning on creating a bike share program in their city with plans to announce details November 17.