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Research Confirms That Organizations Thrive When Women And Men Have Equal Say In Decisions

Women and men working together on Boards and Commissions.

Dr. Susan R. Madsen, a leadership and ethics professor at Utah Valley University, released a research brief last week on female representation on Utah State Boards and Commissions.

“There are so many reasons that women need to be in those conversations, in those leadership teams, on those corporate boards, and on state boards and commissions,” Madsen said. 

In 2019, 32.7% of seats were held by women, which is a 4.6% increase since 2016. 

“The research globally, nationally and in Utah continue to say that when men and women both work together, the decisions made are more innovative. They’re creative,” Madsen said. “You have more options of things on the table when you bring people that are from different perspectives together.” 

According to Madsen’s near 20 years of research, the unique perspectives of women and men should be brought together. 

“I’m not saying we should get a bunch of boards with just women,” Madsen said. “The beauty is when women and men in more equitable numbers work together, the best things happen.” 

Madsen is passionate about the potentially positive impacts of encouraging women to step into leadership positions. 

“We need girls to prepare to be leaders, women to find their voices and confidence so that they can impact in ways that really affect women and families in the community,” Madsen said. “The more you have diverse views coming together, the more you really represent families and residents of Utah.”