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New Bidirectional Bus Route Opens in Cache County

A ribbon-cutting on Monday morning celebrated the Cache Valley Transit District’s new bidirectional bus route, the first of its kind in the valley. The route connects the county’s north and south Walmart locations in addition to improving transportation from the campus of Utah State University to downtown Logan. 

Leah Adkins has been a core dispatcher with the transit district for about 15 years and said this is the most significant update she has seen. 


“I've seen a lot of changes. But this is the first time I've really seen a big expansion,” Adkins said. 


Community leaders, including Logan Mayor Holly Daines, are also looking forward to what they believe the route will bring to the valley.


“I’m really excited about this new service,” said Daines. “Just the transit part, being able to get up and down Main Street, being able to get from the university directly downtown. I think it will be a great plus for students.” 


Cache Valley Transit District board member Jeannie Simmonds believes this access to downtown will bring the community together. 

“That's why it's a loop,” Simmonds said. “It provides connection in all directions for all the people that live in the valley, and allows them to connect to the university and the university connect to the community.” 


More information about the route can be found on