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Matthew Wappett

UnDisciplined Guest Host
  • Autism is a word that many people fear, but much of that fear is driven by the fact that the United States has classified autism as a disorder. What if we started to think of the autistic brain as just different, not disordered? What if we thought of the autistic brain as an asset, not a liability? We want to try and change the way you think about autism.
  • Most of us don’t think about evolution often, if at all, and when we do we often conjure up images of Charles Darwin in the Galapagos Islands. Today, the study of evolution is largely driven by mathematics, complexity theory, and machine learning, but a more complete understanding of evolution can also provide us with an important perspective on our place as a little leaf on the giant tree of life. This week we’re talking about why you oughta care about evolution.
  • We have a complicated relationship with bears. Ask any hiker what their greatest fear is, and running into a bear will be at the top of that list. But we want to see them too! People travel from all over the world to our national parks with the hope of sighting a bear. Bears play an important role in our history, culture, environment, and economy. This week we’re talking about why you should care about bears.