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UnDisciplined: the "bear" facts


We have a complicated relationship with bears. Ask any hiker what their greatest fear is, and running into a bear will be at the top of that list. But we want to see them too! People travel from all over the world to our national parks with the hope of sighting a bear. Bears play an important role in our history, culture, environment, and economy. This week we’re talking about why you should care about bears.

Dr. Barrie Gilbert, a bear biologist who currently lives in Ontario, Canada, started his career in Alberta Canada as a wildlife research biologist, and eventually joined the faculty of Utah State University, where he taught courses on animal behavior, wildlife management and endangered species. His research interests include human-wildlife interactions, especially the three species of North American bears. Today we’re talking about his recent book “One of Us: A Biologist’s Walk Among Bears”.

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