4-H Healthy Living Field Trips Held at Utah State

Mar 15, 2016

Nearly 1,000 middle school students from the Cache County School District are taking part in Healthy Living field trips on the Utah State University Logan Campus. 

The 4-H Healthy Living Field trips include opportunities for students to learn healthy eating habits along with learning the benefits of exercising.

“The specific activities that will be happening is they’re going to be learning about gardening, soils, fitness activities, healthy snacks. They get to learn about fitness games, because we don’t want kids to think, 'Well, I don’t like working out,' and so therefore they are not going to get their 60 minutes of daily activity.”

According to Stacey MacArthur, USU Extension 4-H volunteer specialist, youth will also learn about agricultural science and future careers.

“The purpose of it is to teach kids life skills, give them leadership opportunities. And so that’s what we’re trying to do through this program, combining with Utah State to make it so they can have that full experience.”

The group of seventh graders will spend through Thursday on campus. Another session is scheduled for April.