Davis School District Cracks Down On BLM, MAGA And Pride Flags In Classrooms

Sep 22, 2021

Davis School District is saying no to certain flags being allowed in classrooms, including Black Lives Matter, rainbow and Make America Great Again flags. 

The policy is designed to keep classrooms “politically neutral,” according to district spokesperson Chris Williams. He says Davis County schools have had rules against politically-oriented flags for several years now, but principals were just reminded of them at a recent training. 


For some, this restriction is too far. Utah Pride Center spokesperson Amanda Darrow says the school district is “politicizing the rainbow flag.” Darrow says the rainbow flag is a way for LGBTQ individuals to know they are seen and valid, and it isn’t a political flag in any way. 


Williams insisted the policy is not meant to exclude any groups of people and that all students are loved and welcomed in Davis County schools. Williams says this policy allows the school district to educate the students in the “best possible way.”