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Davis School District welcomes hundreds of new teachers before the new school year

Hundreds of school teachers were welcomed to the Davis School District weeks before the new school year.

More than 300 teachers were celebrated on Thursday before starting their first school year with the Davis School District.

Local cheerleaders, fellow educators, and even a high school band all put together an event celebrating the hundreds of new teachers who are all excited to begin their new careers with the district.

Sidney Blair, a soon-to-be fourth-grade teacher at Bolton Elementary School, explained that she was both nervous and excited about the opportunity, feelings that were most likely shared among the hundreds of other new teachers. Allison Riddle, an elementary mentor coordinator for the district, says that showing support is the best way to retain teachers.

Riddle went on to explain that if you know people are behind you supporting and appreciating all that you do, it helps boost your motivation and your ego. With that concept in mind, the district put on this event to help boost confidence and motivation for all its employees by letting them know that the community was supporting them.

The upcoming school year for the Davis School District will begin in less than two weeks.