Rebirth Of Spring For Animals And Humans

May 25, 2019

For most wild animals, spring is the time of year when the seasonal cycle is renewed.  Spring birthing and nesting is adaptive in that the young are born when the conditions are favorable, and food resource is most abundant, increasing the chance of survival.  While some learn survival from one or both parents, others normally receive little or no parental care. 

Within days or weeks after birth, some will venture into the world on shaky legs and fragile wings.  Some will not survive, but those early unsteady steps and flight are part of normal development, and help young animals learn how to take care of themselves. 

Spring is also a time when people become active, hiking, camping, lawn work, and yard work.  This sets the stage for increased human wildlife interactions as humans encounter young wildlife.  When humans with no knowledge or experience attempt to handle or raise wildlife, these acts of kindness tend to have the opposite result.  Many of the animals that are rescued, soon die despite humans’ best efforts. 

Wild animals are not well suited for life in captivity, resist the temptation to take them out of the wild.  If you encounter a young wild animal who is obviously injured or orphaned, call a wildlife rehabilitator for advice and help.  They are the only people legally allowed to receive and release wild animals.