Undisciplined: Stretching Our Lives

Jun 26, 2020

Credit Airman 1st Class Valentina Lopez

We all know that exercise is good for us — that’s sort of a given. But have you ever thought about whether one sort of exercise is better than others? Is cycling better than golf? Is golf better than baseball? Is running really the gold-standard for exercise that everyone thinks it is? Demographic sociologist Connor Sheehan thinks he’s got the answers — and they might surprise you.

He’s joining us on the line today from Tempe, Arizona, where he isa researcher in the School of Social and Family Dynamics and an affiliate of the Global Sports Institute at Arizona State University. He first joined us about a year and a half ago to talk about the health disparities stemming from sleep. Now he’s out with his latest study, which examines whether 15 different kinds of exercise have unique benefits when it comes to longevity.