Upcoming Special Episode: LA Theatre Works Joins UPR's Tom Williams

Jan 6, 2021

Join UPR for a special Access Utah program Thursday, January 14th at 7pm. Susan Albert Loewenberg, the founder and Producing Director of L.A. Theatre Works, will join UPR's Tom Williams to discuss the process of producing the L.A. Theatre Works national broadcast series. 

Together we will reflect on the impact of broadcasting theater during a time when attending a live performance is limited. And, learn more about what it takes to turn a show designed for the stage into a unique theatre experience on UPR.



Susan A. Loewenberg of LATW

L.A. Theater Works is the nation's leading producer of audio theatre, providing public access to world classics, modern masterpieces, contemporary and original works that speak to the issues of our times.


Listen live on your favorite local UPR station, on upr.org, or on the UPR app. You can watch the event live here.