USU Graduate And Immigration Law Expert Busts Myths About Asylum Seekers

Nov 20, 2018

Texas A&M Immigration Law Associate Professor tells Utah State University faculty and staff that five myths are directing public opinion and immigration policy.
Credit Oxford Law Faculty

Before Angela Morrison started teaching immigration law at Texas A&M she provided direct legal representation to noncitizen victims of trafficking and crime as legal director of the Nevada Immigrant Resource Project at UNLV. A graduate of Utah State University, she was on the Logan campus recently as the keynote speaker during Inclusive Excellence Symposium where she discussed Five Myths about immigration, including the belief that noncitizens are illegal aliens.  

Texas A&M Association Law Professor Angela Morrison specializes in immigration law.
Credit Texas A&M

Angela Morrison is an immigration law professor at Texas A&M. She spoke with UPR’s Kerry Bringhurst about five immigration myths she says are directing public opinion and public policy. A USU graduate, Morrison was the keynote speaker during a recent Inclusive Excellence Symposium in Logan.