Utah Company Enters Public Marketplace, Plans To Do Business In Space

Jul 8, 2021

Uplight Aerospace, a Utah company focused on lunar manufacturing and establishing a multiplanetary marketplace, moved to the public marketplace on Tuesday after acquiring another company called NPR Stone.

Uplift’s founder and CEO Josh Hanes says they’ve chosen to “enter the public markets through an acquisition to accelerate our plans to reach the moon.”


Uplift hopes to fulfill three ambitious projects for the next year. The first is developing technology to create a prototype of Luna-crete, a trademarked building material created from particles from the surface of the moon. The second is to launch the first ever in-space marketplace where they can sell and auction off rare items in space. The third is investing in cryptocurrency in order to create the first in-space marketplace that accepts cryptocurrency as payment.


Hanes says the company’s goal is to be able to “provide solutions for governmental space agencies, as well as private enterprise, while creating profitability for all stakeholders.”