Utah Rocks Campaign Encourages Bowlers To Visit Utah Parks

Jan 22, 2020

A Utah bowling ball manufacturing company is partnering with Utah State Parks for the Utah Rocks campaign

A Utah bowling ball manufacturer is partnering with Utah’s State Parks to encourage national and international guests to spend time exploring the state’s unique rock formations.

Blair Blumenscheid is communications director for Storm, a bowling ball manufacturing company headquartered in Brigham City. She recently moved to Utah and immediately made a connection between her company and Utah’s geography. 

“When you get a new bowling ball sometimes bowlers will say ‘Hey, I got a new rock’," she said.

Blumenscheid contacted the Utah Division of Natural Resources and state parks administrators about a project to introduce Storm customers to the different recreation opportunities here, including Utah’s rocks.

"People from all over the world come to visit Storm headquarters.  It's like going to visit NIKE or Under Armour for a bowler," Blumenscheid said.

Storm bowling balls are used by some of the top bowlers in the world, including Australia's Jason Belmonte, considered to be the world's number one tenpin bowling champion. When Belmonte and other international bowler’s visit the Northern Utah factory Storm wants clients to know about and enjoy Utah's unique parks.

"If we have visitors that come we want to be able to tell them 'Hey, you should go visit Snow Canyon or you should go visit Willard Bay'," she said.

The Storm and Utah State Parks Utah Rocks campaign began in January and includes a photograph of Southern Utah’s Snow Canyon. Hidden in the nightscape is one of Storm’s bowling balls. Viewers are asked to locate and identify the style of ball for a chance to win a prize. Each month during 2020 a photograph of one of the 44 parks operated and maintained by the state will be featured along with an embedded photo of a bowling ball.