'You're My Boss:' Senator Mitt Romney Holds Logan Town Hall

Aug 23, 2019

A few dozen people gathered in the David B. Haight Alumni Center at Utah State University on Thursday, for a town hall meeting with Mitt Romney, Utah’s junior senator. 

“I represent the people of Utah," Romney told the crowd. "You’re my boss.”

Questions at the town hall spanned topics, from immigration - “In my view, the President has made a very reasonable proposal," Romney said - to climate change - “I hope we’re causing it, because then there’s some shot that we’ll be able to make a difference” - to, of course, President Trump.

One questioner asked Romney what he’s doing to oppose the president on policies that he feels are against his LDS faith.

“Fortunately, most of the things the Republican administration comes forward with I agree with," Romney answered. "I’ve voted with the president about 80% of the time. If I disagree, I let him know.”

Chilali Hugo of Logan asked the senator a question on gun control and universal background checks. She says she’s scared for the safety of her 3-year-old son.

“With all of the violence happening, I worry about him as he starts to enter school life," Hugo said. "I’m very concerned with the types of drills he’ll be doing. I grew up doing tornado drills in Ohio and I think he’s going to grow up doing very different types of drills. That scares me to have to talk to him about that. That’s my main concern.”

Hugo said she visited Romney’s Salt Lake office recently and was disappointed by his staff’s response, but liked what she heard from the senator on Thursday.

“I was expecting kind of more of the same, so I was pleasantly surprised that he seemed to be in support of it,” Hugo said.