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Revisiting 'Humans Think. Animals Feel,' With Pet Psychic Patty Rayman On Access Utah

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Patty Rayman was born with the ability to communicate with animals and has helped thousands of people resolve many types of behavior, health, attitude and relationship issues with their animal companions. In working with all types of animals, she has developed techniques to help people move from conflict to cooperation in their relationships.

Her book “Humans Think. Animals Feel. Finding Common Ground Between You and Your Animal Companions” is an exploration of the human-animal bond. Through stories, exercises and practical examples Rayman shows how our actions, thoughts, and emotions affect our animals’ behaviors. She says that once you understand how to think like your animal friends you can build satisfying partnerships with them.



Patty Rayman has worked as an Animal Communicator for more than 15 years and has been featured on TV and has also hosted an Internet radio program. She has clients worldwide and has worked with many types of animals including, birds, reptiles, farm animals, show dogs and competitive sport horses.

In addition to doing home visits and phone readings, she does fundraising events for animal rescue organizations. She teaches Animal Communication classes through Lifelong Learning at the University of Utah as well as private classes.