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UnDisciplined: Superlatives And Survival

This week on UnDisciplined, we're talking about big things and small things, loud things and fast things, things that kill and things that survive being killed — but we're doing it a little differently than normal. 

We're talking to two different science enthusiasts who channeled their passion into writing books about science. 

We’ll be joined by Oné R. Pagan, a science writer and professor of biology at Westchester University in Pennsylvania.He's the author of three books about science, including "Strange Survivors: How Organisms Attack and Defend in the Game of Life" focuses on the ways biolgical evolution has made us all survivors. His book is available to order or read online through Amazon, Google Books, Barnes and Noble, and Target.

Also joining us is someone who will sound very familiar to listeners of UnDisciplined. Matthew LaPlante is not only the creator and host of this very program, he's the author of a forthcoming book, "Superlative: The Biology of Extremes," which promises to be the "biggest, fastest, loudest, deadliest book you'll ever read." It will be available for purchase on April 30.