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Women In The Movements Of The 20th Century With Selina Gallo-Cruz On Thursday's Access Utah

USU History Department

Our guest today on Access Utah is Selina Gallo-Cruz, Associate Professor of Sociology at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester Massachusetts. We’ll talk about the women’s suffrage movement, women's resistance in civil war, civics education and the ongoing movement for voting rights.

She is the next speaker with the USU Voting Rights Symposium. The web event is at 5:00 this afternoon. (You can register to attend the web event here.) She’ll speak to the theme: Invisibility, Resistance, and Women's Political Power.

Professor Gallo-Cruz has authored a number of studies on women in global and local civil resistance and the role of grassroots organizing in propelling systemic political, economic and cultural changes. Her research has been published in International Sociology, Social Movement Studies, the European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology, Interface, Research in Social Movements, Conflict, and Change, Sociology Compass, Sociological Forum and other venues. Her forthcoming book, entitled Invisibility and Resistance, comparatively examines how three women's peace movements arose in Argentina, the former Yugoslavia, and Liberia in the face of military repression and genocide. Professor Gallo-Cruz is also active in a number of local civil society efforts in her hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts and currently directs a community organizer-led civics education program for public schools entitled "Community in the Classroom: Civics Education from the Grassroots"