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Climate Change In The Mountain West With Simon Wang On Tuesday's Access Utah

Utah State University Office of Research

Simon Wang is Professor of Climate Dynamics and Assistant Director of the Utah Climate Center at Utah State University. Dr. Wang studies climate variability, weather process, extreme events, and long-term prediction. He recently gave a presentation to news reporters for a virtual event organized by InsideClimate News, titled “Wildfire, Heatwaves, Snowpack and Floods: Climate Change in the Mountain West.”

Dr. Wang’s research has appeared in scientific journals such as Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Journal of Climate, Geophysical Research Letters, etc. with over 120 publications. He edited the first monograph on Climate Extremes with the American Geophysical Union (2017). In former lives, he was an air force weather officer and a freelance photographer.