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Starting To Plan For Your Garden


I'm in shock. It's already February. I did get my asparagus seeds planted last month, and they're just coming up. My leftover seeds from 2020 have also been inventory. And I'm going to run germination tests on those starting this weekend. I've been looking at seed catalogs, and we'll purchase some seed this month as well. Having gone through last year, when there were some shortages, I'm going to make sure that I have what I needed. I'm not going to buy too much- just enough to plant for what we need here and in the home garden. I don't think that shortages will occur again this year. 

I'm also going to build a cold frame for my kitchen garden. I got some new windows in the house, and the old storm windows will serve as the mainframe for those cold frames. I'll have to build some sides, but that shouldn't be too hard. It'll give me something to do in the evening and allow me to start planting a little bit earlier here. I'm looking at late February or maybe early March. 

Primarily I'm going to seed lettuces and radishes, spinach, chard, carrots, maybe some mustard and kale. And I'm going to try and get that thing started a little bit on time this year. 

Things are warming up in St. George, so get ready to plant down there later this month. If you're going to try and get out into the garden up here in northern Utah, we got to get rid of a little snow yet. 

Check your soil temperature at about one to one and a half inches should be about 45 degrees before you start planting. We got a new digital thermometer for the kitchen. And  I've commandeered the old one, and I'm going to use that in the garden. 

Punxsutawney Phil said that winter's still going to happen, but that's Pennsylvania. So don't put too much stock in what Phil has to say. So for more information, go to