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Being Efficient While Watering Your Lawn

Here are a few tips for you on how to irrigate your lawn more efficiently. 

  1. Know where your clock or irrigation controller is. Be sure to turn this controller off when it rains and back on after the rainstorm.
  2. Know how to set your clock's run time. In other words, how long should each valve be running to be efficient. For pop-up sprinklers, this would be approximately 20 minutes. For rotor heads, the ones that go back and forth, this should be approximately 40 minutes. This should give you about one-half to three-quarters of an inch each time the sprinklers are run. 
  3. How often should I run water, which is often referred to as the interval. In other words, do I want to water once, twice, or three times a week? The best way to know that is to go to the website Slow the Flow Utah. If you go there, you will see all the counties in Utah listed, and it will tell you how many times to water for each area each week. 

This information does change according to the weather each week.