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Tracy Aviary, Fishlake National Forest and more on Behind the Headlines

Flamingo chicks at Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City on Friday, Aug. 18, 2023.
Trent Nelson
The Salt Lake Tribune
Flamingo chicks at Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City on Friday, Aug. 18, 2023.

On this episode we discuss baby animals, really big trees, an increasinglynotorious nightclub in Salt Lake City, a US Senator considering his political future, and how the recent indictments in Georgia may affect the upcoming presidential election including here in Utah.

Salt Lake Tribune reporters Paighten Harkins and Kolbie Peterson along with news columnist Robert Gehrke, join guest host Matthew LaPlante to talk about the week’s top stories. Every Friday at 9 a.m., stream “Behind the Headlines”, or tune in to KCPW 88.3 FM or Utah Public Radio at for the broadcast. Join the live conversation this week by email to or Twitter @upraccess.

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Matthew LaPlante has reported on ritual infanticide in Northern Africa, insurgent warfare in the Middle East, the legacy of genocide in Southeast Asia, and gang violence in Central America. But a few years back, something donned on him: Maybe the news doesn't have to be brutally depressing all the time. Today, he balances his continuing work on more heartbreaking subjects by writing books about the intersection of science, human health and society, including the New York Times best-selling <i>Lifespan</i> with geneticist David Sinclair and the Nautilus Award-winning <i>Longevity Plan</i> with cardiologist John Day. His first solo book, <i>Superlative</i>, looks at what scientists are learning by studying organisms that have evolved in record-setting ways, and his is currently at work on another book about embracing the inevitability of human-caused climate change with an optimistic outlook on the future.<br/>