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Growing food and futures: Nona Yehia on How'd You Think of That?

 Nona Yehia
Vertical Harvest
Vertical Harvest
Nona Yehia, co-founder of Vertical Harvest

An accomplished architect by training, Nona Yehia pioneered a way to feed an entire community with fresh produce, while also providing employment for people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. She accomplished this alongside her co-founder Caroline Croft-Estay. Yehia conceived the company based on her experiences growing up with a brother with developmental disabilities, love of fresh and local food, obsession with great design and long-standing community involvement. Her organic connection to all aspects of the enterprise continues to fuel Nona’s insight into the business and her dynamic leadership style has led to her recognition as a CNN Champion of Change and Vertical Harvest’s inclusion on Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas List and as a finalist for their Best Places to Work for Innovators - Diverse Innovators Award.

Dr. Temple Grandin is well known to many for her trailblazing work as a spokesperson for people with autism and her lifelong work with animal behavior. Dr. Grandin has been with Colorado State University (CSU) for over 25 years. Her life’s work has been to understand her own autistic mind, and to share that knowledge with the world, aiding in the treatment of individuals with the condition. Her understanding of the human mind has aided her in her work with animal behavior, and she is one of the most respected experts in both autism and animal behavior in the world.
Sheri's career in radio began at 7 years old in Los Angeles, California with a secret little radio tucked under her bed that she'd fall asleep with, while listening to The Dr. Demento Radio Show. She went on to produce the first science radio show in Utah in 1999 and has been reporting local, national and international stories ever since. After a stint as news director at KZYX on northern California's Lost Coast, she landed back at UPR in 2021.