Diane Alston

Stinkbugs - Not As Bad As You Might Think

Sep 4, 2019
Brett Hondow / Pixabay

What are stinkbugs?  They are an insect that has a piercing sucking mouth part and is shield-shaped in its form.  It can be green, brown or other bright colors including orange, yellow and red. They are a combination of a group of insects that are both plant feeders in some cases, or some individuals are also predatory in nature and can feed on other insects so they can be beneficial in your garden.

Wolfgang Zimmel / Pixabay

Now that it’s spring, I have a few tips for you about some things you can do around your yard and garden to help encourage the nesting and food supply for our native pollinators. 


Spring has sprung and it’s time to think about our fruit trees and taking good care of them throughout the season.

Citrus Fruit And Their Major Pest Problem

Apr 4, 2019

We start thinking about fresh fruits and vegetables this time of year and what we can grow in our garden. But we also think about the fresh fruits we ate over the winter and even though we can’t grow them here citrus is one of the fruits we love to eat.

The Grasshoppers Are Coming: What To Do To Prepare

Mar 8, 2019

In celebration of the season of green, spring, St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns and four-leaf clovers; today’s insect topic is about something green. So grasshoppers, some are green and they eat lots of green plants.


Now that we are truly in the winter as you look through your seed catalogs you might want to start planning next year’s garden with your past pest problems in mind.


Fall is the time to bring those winter-sensitive plants indoors and sometimes pests are brought along with them. There are three main groups of pests that tend to show up on houseplants.