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General and Scholarly Interest in Mormons Growing in America


A national society focused on the philosophy and theology of Mormons will meet in Logan this weekend. Kerry Bringhurst speaks with Philip Barlow, Utah State University's Director of Religious Studies, about the increased interest in the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"The general rise of the prominence of Mormonism as an object of study, it's impact on the culture -- especially with the Romney campaign and the controversy over Proposition 8 in California, the Book of Mormon musical - a phenomenal hit on Broadway, and new Mormon ad campaigns, and things like that-- for public has increased attention to Mormonism."

Barlow says that having a member of the LDS faith running as the GOP nominee for U.S. President has encouraged a general interest in how Mormons practice their religion, but for scholars the topic has been worthy of study for years.

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