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An Old Power Company Scam Makes A Comeback

Rocky Mountain Power
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An old scam is using a new technology to fool unsuspecting customers of Rocky Mountain Power. Because of this, the company has issued a warning to their customers to be leery of anyone calling them for payment of over-due bills.

The perpetrators called businesses, as well as residents, claiming that their bill is overdue and aggressively demand payment in the past scam. According to Paul Murphy, spokesperson for Rocky Mountain Power, the new tricks are easier to fall for.

“They use a caller ID system that makes it look like the call is coming from Rocky Mountain Power," Murphy said. "And they actually give a number that when you call, sounds like the automated telephone answering service used by Rocky Mountain Power, so it’s a very sophisticated way of doing a very old thing which is to take your money.”

In the past, the elderly have been the main target of scammers but according to Murphy, they are not the only ones who should be on alert.

  “They usually target businesses," Murphy said. "Because if a company loses power, they lose customers, they lose money so they want to make sure that their power bills are paid. And so, they are actually more susceptible.  Elderly people are also susceptible, but this fraud doesn’t have any boundaries of who it targets or who it hurts.”

He said they have contacted federal, state and local authorities and are working with them to ensure the investigation is active. Murphy said that Rocky Mountain Power will not need you to give your personal information over the phone as they already have it.

Rocky Mountain Power can be reached 24/7 at 888 221-7070 to verify a calls origins if you suspect a it may not be from their company

“We just want people to be very protective of their financial information," Murphy said. "Because a lot of people are out there trying to get that information to try and take away their money.”

Jennifer Bolton, a public information officer for the Department of Commerce, said that the scam is currently unique to Rocky Mountain Power.