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Graduating USU Landscape Architects Take On The "Silicon Slopes" For Final Project

Jusitn Prather
“We're the people moving down there, we’re the people starting families down there,… and since we know that we wanted to make sure other people could enjoy it. That’s actually what makes a great community, when we have diversity.”";s:3:"uri


It is not a secret that Utah has been experiencing a tech boom over the past few years, with a vast amount of the development centered around Utah County’s I-15 corridor. Life is not perfect for residents of the area though, transportation in and out of the so-called “Silicon Slopes” is reportedly difficult, and there aren’t many options to occupy time outside of work. A group of Utah State University seniors saw this as a challenge, and have grand plans to turn Thanksgiving Point into a more inclusive community .

Credit Justin Prather
"This dartboard has no contribution to our scholarly project, but it's very relaxing and satisfying to pierce something with a needle."

This week marked the final days for the group to prepare a revitalization project proposal to be presented to the stakeholders of Thanksgiving Point and the citizens of Lehi. The area has been noted for its tech boom, but also its lack of accessibility for workers and residents. To solve these problems the project aims to rethink the community in six main areas. Transportation, sustainability, activity centers, sense of place, food systems and housing.

The students presented to the Lehi community on Tuesday May 3, and report the response was overwhelmingly positive.