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Obesity Rate In Utah Increases Compared To Nation's Stability


The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America Project recently published the results of a 400,000 person survey on the 2016 obesity rates in the U.S. Overall, the obesity rate in the United States is stabilizing.

“We were pleased to see that there are continuing indications that the obesity levels are leveling off," said John Auerbach, president of Trust for America’s Health organization, which funded the project. “We were hopeful we would see that and we have now had two years where we have seen indications that it is not only leveling off but in a few states, we are seeing decreases last year.”

Utah saw a .9 percent increase in obesity since 2015 leaving the overall rate at 25.4 percent.  Despite the increase, Utah has hung onto the title of the sixth lease obese state in the nation.