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Logan City Hosts Visioning Meeting For The Future Of Downtown Logan's Central Block

Logan City Visioning Meeting; Developers from Cowboy Partners stand in front of a list of ideas for future developments on Logan's central block.
Matilyn Mortensen

The Logan city council chambers were full of attendees during a visioning meeting Tuesday evening. Residents were invited to share what kind of a project they wanted to replace the currently empty Emporium property located across the street from the Tabernacle in downtown Logan.

A children’s museum, a plaza, a library, a grocery store, a parking structure and a second Aggie Ice Cream location were among suggestions of what meeting attendees thought could help revitalize Logan city’s central block, located between 100 north and center street.

“What I gained from this meeting is we have so much support to do a great project downtown,” said Logan Mayor Holly Daines. “And I think people realize there is a need for structured parking if we can make that happen. There is a need for a real gathering place. Somewhere vibrant that draws people to our downtown and brings people to do interesting things.”

More downtown parking was a common suggestion brought up by residents and city council members alike during the meeting. Daines said she knows there is a need for this but is concerned about the cost.

“The parking structure is a huge challenge because they are so expensive,” Daines said. “If you look at the cost, they’re 15 to 30 thousand dollars a stall.”

Daines said the goal is to have a project approved, permitted and ready to go by August 2019. The next step is for the developers to continue to meet with city council members, neighboring business owners and other stakeholders to develop ideas and plans for the project they think will have the most success.

Another public meeting will be held in October to share these ideas and allow for public comment.