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Some Logan City Council Members Concerned About Traffic Increase Of Potential Re-zone

Woodmoore Point Re-Zone; An image of the area for the proposed re-zone in Logan city.

A potential rezone of property in southern Logan would allow for more lower-cost housing in the city. But some city council members are worried about safety issues the potential increase in traffic could cause.

The Logan city planning commission proposed rezoning an undeveloped piece of land in the Woodmoore Pointe neighborhood from single family residential to a multi-family residential zoning. The rezone would allow for 150 townhomes to be built on the nearly 17-acre property located west of 1000 west, just off of Highway 89.

Councilmember Amy Anderson said she thinks this rezone will be positive for Logan.

“I know recently there’s been a variety of articles about housing throughout our valley and in particular within Logan,” Anderson said. “And as far as more affordable housing and housing for people who are starting out and so for me this makes sense.”

Councilmember Jess Bradford lives in the neighborhood to the north of the area to be rezoned. He said traffic is already dangerous at the intersection of 1000 West and 1800 South.

“That’s a very dangerous intersection no matter how you cut it,” Bradford said. “And anyone I’ve talked to who lives out there is extremely afraid of that kind of higher density coming in.”

The Utah Department of Transportation is in the process of installing a light at 1000 West and Highway 89 which may improve the flow of traffic on 1000 West. The light will hopefully be installed sometime in the fall.

The council voted to table the voting on the rezone until their meeting on October 16. In the meantime, the city council members say they will research accident statistics and other data that may help them determine more accurately how dangerous 1000 West is.