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Following Logan Canyon Accidents, UDOT Urges Utahns To Be Alert On Canyon Roads



Following two car accidents in Logan Canyon that took place just a few days apart, the Utah Department of Transportation urges Utahns to stay alert while driving during the summer months.

“I think in the summer people tend to loosen up a little bit on their driving habits, and it’s a time when we actually need to be paying a little bit more attention," Zach Whitney said.


Whitney is the region one communication manager for the Utah Department of Transportation. He said it is important for drivers to remember there are still precautions that need to be taken in the car during the summer. 

Following two accidents in two days — both resulting in vehicles in the Logan River on U.S. Highway 89 in Logan Canyon and one resulting in a fatality — Whitney said drivers should always be aware of curves in the road, especially canyon roads that can get very busy in the summer. 

He also said following the speed limit is key in staying safe on canyon roads. 

“When people are in a hurry to get to their destination, they can push those speed limits. It’s something that we can’t have people do because that’s when you go around a curve too fast and that’s when you have trouble," he said.

Whitney recommended looking up the route you are driving ahead of time, to help you safely arrive at your destination. 

“That way they’re not caught off guard. They’re not surprised by any of the conditions there, and they know exactly how to maneuver through that roadway," he said.

Information on driving routes in Utah can be found at